Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions about the services provided by Evo Cycle Works and offer the answers here. If you need additional information please contact us today. 



Is Evo Cycle Works a bicycle dealer or reseller?

No. Only the bicycles built by Evo are sold by Evo. We have no business relationship with any bicycle manufacturer or representative. We do not purchase and resell bicycles, except in the case of custom restorations when it is sometimes useful to purchase an entire used bicycle and match the components to the restoration project.


Does Evo build bicycle frames?

No. Frame building is a time honored tradition in the custom bicycle world, and a unique endeavor onto itself. If you are interested in a custom frame for your new Evo-built bicycle, we would be happy to refer you to business partners who are frame builders.


Where does Evo Cycle Works obtain the components used to build its custom bikes?

The components are obtained from a network of local and regional contacts and online sources, many are high-end components that are reconditioned or restored to "like new" condition. Many are "new old stock" items that were never installed on a bicycle, have been replaced by manufacturers' latest models and are now available at drastically reduced prices.


What kind of custom fitting is offered by Evo Cycle Works?

The selection and size of the frame and other major components are determined with a few simple physical measurements from the client. Once the build is structurally complete (frame, wheels, seatpost, saddle and handlebar), the fitting is fine-tuned. With your bicycle mounted on an indoor trainer, the client moves through the full range of cycling motion, with adjustments made to the seatpost, saddle, steerer, stem height and length, and handlebar width and sweep. While we may advise on proper form, the client ultimately decides on the specific fit adjustments. Once you have had a chance to ride the completed bike, any needed final adjustments are made including position of saddle, stem and handlebars.


Are there advantages associated with specific bicycle brands?

This is of course a matter of opinion, but I personally discourage brand allegiance except when a frame or other components offer unique or preferred design elements, or when a restoration project requires an exact match. Specifying a brand will generally cost more because it narrows the availability of sourced components. 


Why should I order a custom bicycle from Evo Cycle Works when I can buy something similar for less from a local bike store?

Bicycle stores feature brands that market appearance rather than performance, and price rather than quality. So while the bicycles may look similar, closer examination will reveal workmanship issues, poor fit, heavy materials and low-end components. Most customers will pay a premium "new bicycle" price for a low quality product. I encourage clients to check out local bike stores as well as full service bike shops and decide for themselves whether they are ready for a custom bicycle. 


I am in the market for a high performance bicycle and considering a purchase from a full service bike shop. Why should I consider a custom bike?

I personally support local bike shops and encourage clients to patronize them for their cycling needs. I also offer complete project outlines with no obligation so that clients may take these and compare a custom Evo bicycle to the shop models available. This question often arises during initial consultations, and I am happy to discuss the pros and cons. In most cases, high performance bicycles can be custom built for considerably less than one would pay for the new model. This is because the market for high-end bicycles is small and there is generally available a large quantity of last year's components at "new old stock" prices. This is to say nothing about precision fit and custom component selection.


What if I am not local to the metro D.C. area and wish to order a custom bike?

Most of the process may be accomplished via phone, Skype and email, including the project outline, terms of sale, signed invoice and payments. Free delivery is available to locations up to 100 miles, and shipping to more distant locations at additional cost. Depending on location, mobile services may be available for initial consultation, project outline review, custom fittings and routine maintenance.


Are payment plans or layaway available?

Yes. A 40% down payment and signed invoice are required before a custom bicycle or restoration project begins, and most builds take up to 30 days to complete. Many clients use this arrangement to make payments along the way. In some cases a custom build may be scheduled to coincide with a client's specific payment plan as outlined on the invoice.


How do I know if restoring an old bicycle is worthwhile?

If the question is restoration cost versus monetary value, then restoration in general is not a worthwhile enterprise. It is quite rare that any restored bicycle is worth the cost of restoration, at least in the financial sense. Rather, restoration projects are valuable because of a personal connection to the bicycle or because one simply wants to ride it again. 


Are the bicycles shown on the gallery pages available for sale?

Most are already sold and their current owners permit us to post photographs and descriptions as examples of our work. Most may be reproduced in various sizes and with modifications as needed. Occasionally demo bikes are for sale. 


Customer Satisfaction
Evo Cycle Works builds custom bicycles for clients looking for a unique blend of performance and personal touch. We will do verything within reason to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.




Every bicycle sold by Evo Cycle Works includes a one year warranty consisting of routine adjustments and maintenance, not including the cost of replacement parts. Our bicycles are hand built with top quality components and the TLC of fine workmanship. 




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