Ordering Your Custom Bike or Restoration Project

Every custom build begins with a conversation... I like to hear about the kind of cycling you do, and the kinds of bicycles that have attracted your interest. I'd like to know how cycling fits into your life now, and how you envision this changing with your new bike. If you have performance goals, let's be sure to talk about these as well.

We meet for coffee or the beverage of your choice and chat, or talk on the phone. The most successful builds result from these conversations. The more I know about your cycling pursuits, the better we can nail the perfect custom bike for you.

You determine when the conversation becomes a project. From that moment, most custom bicycles are completed within 30 days, depending on the availability and shipping time for specific components.

How to Order

1. Contact me by email, phone or text about the kind of bicycle you have in mind.

2. We will set up a time to meet or talk via phone about your cycling needs and move toward a custom build or restoration project, if that is in the cards. 

3. Components are sourced to suit bicycle type, size, client preferences and budget, and a draft project outline is assembled. There may be significant discussion about critical components such as the size and geometry of the frame. The project outline displays every component and its actual cost plus a commission.

4. Restoration projects usually involve several options, depending on how you wish to ride the bike.

5. The project outline is forwarded to you for review and we arrange a second meeting to discuss further, establish the terms of sale and firm up a signed invoice.

6. Custom orders require a 40% down payment in the form of cash, credit card or PayPal payment.

Mobile and Remote Services

Initial consultations, project outline reviews, terms of sale and signed invoices may be handled via phone or Skype supplemented by email. Payments may be transacted via PayPal.

Mobile services within 100 miles may be arranged upon request, and include initial consultations, custom fittings and routine maintenance. Free delivery of your new custom bike is available to locations up to 100 miles, as is shipping to more distant locations at additional cost.

Mail Order Restoration Services - New!

As word has spread about Evo's vintage restoration services, we have developed a new way of having your beloved bicycle restored - by mail order. The process is much the same as outlined above, except that we converse via email, video chat, photographs and telephone. Once the project outline is complete, an electronic invoice is signed and the client ships the bike to our Rockville, Maryland workshop.

The client is regularly informed of progress through photos and emailed reports, and free return shipping is included to any location in the lower 48 states. See our advertisement in Bicycle Times magazine.






A Custom Experience

Building a custom bicycle is a kind of collaboration. The client brings his or her experience, knowledge and particular cycling interests to the build. The builder brings technical expertise and the accumulated experience that comes from building a variety of bicycles for many different cyclists. The collaboration may take many forms depending on the client's technical knowledge and cycling goals.


About Base Value and Commission

Evo Cycle Works builds custom bicycles on a commission basis. The advantage of this arrangement is that the client is able to see and review the actual cost of every component before committing to the order. No markups, shop fees or other hidden costs. Component selection may be reconsidered during the project outline phase for budget or performance reasons. The commission is based on the total "base value" of all components used in the build.

About Vintage Restorations

Restoring a beloved older bicycle is like raising a child. We strive to impart our best intentions, values and healthy lifestyle choices while living within our means. Custom restorations at Evo Cycle Works range from modest to extensive, depending on the client's wishes and budget. We work with you to establish the options and you decide how far you'd like to go. Costs are based on the degree of restoration involved. In most cases, we attempt to recondition and preserve all of the original components, only replacing damaged equipment. Every restored bicycle is returned in fully functional condition and ready to ride.


Project Outline