Available Services

At Evo Cycle Works we take pride in the range of services offered and in the dedication we bring to every job from master restorations to minor repairs. Whether large or small, you can be assured the very best personalized service available. 

  • Initial consultation and estimate, always free 
  • Tune-ups for modern and vintage bikes starting at just $65  
  • Custom bike fitting with every new bicycle and included with our popular Performance Tune-up
  • Custom built bicycles featuring the latest materials including carbon, premium steel and titanium
  • One year warranty on every new bike, restoration and premium tune-up
  • Master repairs and performance upgrades
  • E-bike conversions and complete retro e-bikes available
  • Vintage restoration of your beloved old bicycle
  • Services for conventional and electric adult trikes
  • Value Line ordering service for moderately priced bicycles, new and reconditioned. Click here for more information.
  • Mobile services available with appointment

Mobile Services - New!

Can't make it to our Rockville studio? We come to you by appointment. Tune-ups, minor repairs and estimates performed on-site. Free pickup and delivery are also available within fifty miles of the Washington-Maryland-Virginia metro area. Please call for an appointment.

Retro E-Bikes and E-Bike Conversions 

The e-bike revolution has arrived! But why spend thousands on a new e-bike when you can upgrade your favorite bicycle for a fraction of the cost? Our new Clean Republic Hill Topper e-bike conversions offer the latest generation technology in a light weight, front wheel drive package. Installation is available or purchase the kit and install it yourself. 

Or order a complete Retro E-Bike today. We select quality steel and aluminum retro bicycles for the e-bike conversion and equip them with new components, rear racks and comfortable saddles. Come by our Rockville studio for an e-bike test ride. We have upgraded a 1998 Cannondale M300 with street tires and the 24 volt, 250 watt Hill Topper front drive kit. And we always have several Retro E-Bikes available in a veriety of styles. Special introductory pricing is available for a limited time.

Our Cannondale retro e-bike demo and a women's step-through model awaiting the e-bike conversion. 

If you are DIY inclined, you may be interested in ordering one of the Hill Topper kits yourself. Contact us today!

Evo Cycle Works LLC is an authorized dealer for Clean Republic Hill Topper e-bikes and conversion kits. 

Thank you!






Service Specialists

While tune-ups may be customized for each bicycle, we offer several tune-up packages that help you save money by incorporating typical tune-up needs.


Web Special Offers

Mention these web offers to get  the special discounted rates.

Seasonal Tune-Up, $50

For bicycles in generally good working order, this tune-up includes a complete set of adjustments including derailleurs, brakes and safety fasteners, and a thorough cleaning and re-lube of the drivetrain, all while you wait and guaranteed at 30 minutes or less. Appointment required. Regular price $65.

Performance Tune-Up, $110

A comprehensive tune-up that includes small maintenance parts at no additional cost: cables, brake pads, tubes and other small parts as needed. Wheels are trued, wheel bearings may be adjusted or replaced. Drivetrain is cleaned and re-lubed, all safety fasteners are checked. Minors repairs may be performed at no additional service charge. Includes a fitting and one year warranty. Regular price $125.

Vintage Tune-Up, $140

Similar to our Performance Tune-up except for vintage bicycles. We have in stock the small parts, special tools and the knowledge to get your vintage bicycle back on the road. Regular price $165.


E-Bike Upgrades starting at $599!

Upgrade your bike with the latest generation  Hill Topper front wheel drive electric bike kit, and we will install it for FREE. This is a limited time offer. Complete new and retro e-bikes also available.